Monday, August 07, 2006

An Open Letter to the CIPS Member I Sat Beside

Dear CIPS Member I Sat Beside,

Thank you for the opportunity to sit beside you at the most recent CIPS Winnipeg meeting.

It was a great chance for me to ask a ton a questions. I enjoyed your professional and expert opinion on important issues related to my own beginning career in I.T.

Although I was tempted to try impressing you with proclamations and declarations, I restrained myself. And by just asking a lot of questions and being honestly interested in what your point of view was, I got a lot more out of the evening.

I hope you understand that a lot of the student members you meet are excited and spooled up to tackle their new career. We all want to meet people and do well over the next few years, so please forgive them if they seem too mercenary or crass in hunting out jobs.

So, thank you once again for letting me learn a little more about your industry and your company. If I meet you next meeting, I hope we can shake hands and share a word of professional comraderie.

And if you happen to know of a position opening up.... here's my card.


A CIPS Student Member.